Embroidery Lettering Made Simple

These quick videos will teach you all about lettering in under 5 minutes!

This week we’ve got another couple of introductory videos that will ease new Hatch users into lettering! Begin with the basics where you can learn about how to get started on creating lettering and making simple adjustments. Then learn all about baselines (these will control how your final lettering sits, ie horizontally, vertically, curved etc). If you’re interested in staying up to date with our basic intro videos, subscribe to our YouTube page! Other-wise take a look below for the two introductory videos on lettering.

Lettering: Getting Started

Lettering is something that almost all embroiderers and digitizers will encounter. This guide takes you through the lettering capabilities of your software. Starting from the left toolbar, the drop down menu “Lettering/Monogramming” gives you the option of selecting “Lettering”. From here you can choose your fonts, sizing (height and width), baseline and colors for your lettering.

You can then simply type your chosen words or letters into your text-box and they will appear instantly in your work-space! Also, learn how to utilize other lettering tools such as the “reshape” tool, which not only reshapes your lettering but also allows you to add additional letters to your design.

Lettering: Adjusting Baselines

Baselines are a great, impactful way to style your finished lettering designs. The baseline of your lettering can be generic straight (automatic), vertical, curved, wavy, slanted and much more. The baseline is something that you can choose before or after you’ve entered your text into the text-box. Initially, the baseline defaults to the standard straight “free line” which can extend as far as you wish, however you can choose from six baselines.

Within each baseline option, you have further adjustment options regarding spacing, height and width. You have endless options, especially with the inclusion of the “any shape” baseline, which allows you to manipulate your lettering into custom shapes. You have the option to play around with these baselines and customize the final layout of your lettering to your liking – something that’s much easier than it originally seems!

If you find these videos useful and you’d like to see more of them in the future, please subscribe to our YouTube page for regular updates!

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