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Learn About Hatch Auto-Digitizing

Save time and get professional results with Hatch Auto-Digitizing

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A key feature of Hatch Embroidery Software is Auto-Digitizing, found in the left tool bar of your software. This feature takes the stress out of digitizing your artwork by providing a quick and easy short-cut to that great digitized effect. You can achieve this with many methods ranging from a simple click to a number of steps. We’ll be taking you through some of the more basic ways to achieve that look with Hatch Auto-Digitize.

Note: Auto-Digitizing can be purchased as an Add-on to Hatch Embroidery Basics. It is included in both Hatch Embroidery Creator and Hatch Embroidery Digitizer packages. Click here to read more about the Auto-Digitizer Add-on.

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After you have inserted the image of your choice into your work area, you have a number of choices. To start with, clicking “Auto-Digitize Instant Embroidery” in the left toolbar will auto-digitize your image for you, separating the design from the background. You’ll notice that only the design gets stitched this way. The software works equally well with both monochromatic and multicolored designs.

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After digitizing the design you can use the “Customize” tab. Here is where you can get really creative and edit your design to your liking! You can now change things like pull compensation, stitch density and underlay to suit a variety of fabrics. Then go a step further and explore more of your customization options. To get a quick overview of how everything is done, watch the video below on Auto-Digitizing.

Are you subscribed to us on YouTube? We regularly put out video guides to new and existing features in Hatch. If you found the video on Auto-Digitizing useful, take a look at the other video guides we’ve created.

Looking for the full package which includes this feature? Click here to visit Hatch Embroidery Digitizer.

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