Back-To-School DIY Inspirations

Get back to school ready with these practical and fun DIY projects!

The new school year is just about to get started so there has never been a better time to get creative! The best way to really dive into a new beginning is for a little DIY, not only will you have a fantastic finished product but you will also have the bragging rights for having created it! We pulled together some thrifty DIY projects that anyone with kids or grand kids going back to school will enjoy.

Embroidered Sneakers

Start the school year with a bold, unique splash with these embroidered sneakers by They are sure to stand out from the crowd with their bright colors and fun designs. It is a great way to upgrade your wardrobe without having to pay exorbitant amounts. This DIY guide will show you how to get the best designs you can without spoiling your shoes. If you’ve got a little time and a spare pair of shoes, this project will be ideal for you.

Milk Jug Lunch Box

When you think of re-using materials to package your lunch, a plastic milk jug generally does not spring to mind but once we saw these super creative DIY lunch boxes by we fell in love! Not only is it great for the environment, repurposing plastic milk jugs means ensures that the contents of your school lunches have a hardy container to live in. It’s something that anyone can attempt and is perfect for all ages! 

Embroidered Notebooks

Having your own personalized notebook makes any task that involves writing a total joy! Choose to decorate your notebooks with whatever design catches your attention. These ones by would be a fantastic way to get any student inspired and ready for the new school year and doubles up as a fantastic gift idea too! It is super quick and easy to make, so definitely try your hand at this little project before school starts. You can even use stock cards and create your machine embroidery covers with Hatch Embroidery!

DIY Messenger Bag

Get a little more thrifty with your wardrobes and create your own messenger bag, perfect for those who need a trendy new school or work bag. This project by is great for someone looking for a challenge or someone with a strong background in textiles. It’s a little time-consuming but rest assured that the finished product will be more than worth it! Dress your final product up with a little embroidery to give it an extra original edge. Whether it’s a simple design, a monogram or some lettering, adding embroidery is the best way to ensure total originality and your Hatch Embroidery will make it so easy!

Embroidered Pencil Cup

If you want to dress up your study or work area, a little simple embroidery can go a long way. All you need is a simple cup-holder with a mesh-style opening. This project by is unbelievably simple, so much so that a child could easily complete it. It requires only three things: a cup holder, a needle and thread. 

Hatch Embroidery is the perfect software to decorate and personalize your your back to school projects with embroidery, monograms or applique. Stay tuned over the next few weeks and we will have more back to school projects and handy machine embroidery ideas for you.


Happy Crafting!

Bernadett and the Hatch Team



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