About Us

We are Wilcom International, the makers of Hatch Embroidery and the global leaders in commercial embroidery software for 40 years. 2019 is the year to celebrate!

An international organization based in Sydney, Australia, we have pioneered the world of embroidery automation and continue to innovate by pushing the boundaries of embroidery creativity, allowing for unlimited personalized expression.

With a reputation for excellence, we have become the world’s favourite embroidery software for quality, productivity, ease-of-use and service in the commercial space. Now with Hatch Embroidery, we believe that we can bring the same level of excellence to the home and hobby market too.

Today, we are present in over 100 countries, with products in over 12 languages and a global community of more than a quarter of a million licensed customers. Our growth is fuelled by continual product innovation and modernization.

Hatch Embroidery is a great example of our ongoing market development, and our mission to offer the highest quality embroidery software that produces the best stitch out results.

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