Create Amazing Designs Quick and Easy with the Layout Tools

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Layout tools are available with Hatch Embroidery Digitizer and Hatch Embroidery Composer. They provide endless possibilities to create truly amazing designs. They also save you so much time when you need to place duplicates of the same object or design multiple times in your hoop.

In this video Lindee Goodall gives you an overview of the various tools in the Create Layouts toolbox.


The Mirror-Copy tools allow you to duplicate and transform selected objects, as well as merge them into a single object. Use them to create wreaths or decorative borders. Or use them to create perfectly symmetrical objects.

You can choose from various options depending on what you would like to achieve

Mirror-Copy Horizontal & Vertical Tools

Use these tools to mirror and copy objects. You also have the option to merge the objects if you want to to create perfectly symmetrical designs.

Watch this video to see how you can create perfectly symmetrical designs using the Mirror-Copy tool.

Read the article about how this cool camper van was digitizedand access the free design here

Mirror-Copy Both Tool

You can mirror copy horizontally and vertically at the same time around a center point. You have to option to merge overlapping objects.

Copy Array Tool

Create multiple copies of designs (such as badges) spaced in rows and columns for faster stitchouts. Hatch Embroidery automatically sequences color blocks to eliminate unnecessary color changes.

Copy Reflect Tool

Create multiple reflections by duplicating and mirroring designs simultaneously. The maximum number of columns and rows you can set are 50 each. This feature is often used in making fashion or textile designs.

Circle Layout Tool

Duplicate objects around a center point to create wreaths. The Mirror Alternate toggle mirrors the selection as well.

This video shows you how to create an embroidered tablecloth design using an existing embroidery design and the layout tools. It also shows you how to make your design stitch ready using the Multi-Hooping tool.

In this video Lindee Goodall shows you how to create cute jar lid covers without any artwork and only using features and tools in Hatch Embroidery including the Circle Layout tool.

Read the article on how this lovely ITH jar cover was created and access the FREE Project here.

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to creating amazing designs with the fantastic layout tools. Give them a try, you will love using them!  

Read more about the Layout Tools in the Hatch Embroidery User Guide.

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