ITH Jar Cover using Appliqué by Lindee Goodall

Video Tutorial and downloadable FREE Project

The wonderful Lindee Goodall is back to show you how you can create something amazing in Hatch Embroidery without any artwork whatsoever! Her clever tutorial will show you how you can create a cute jar cover using the built in features and tools with Hatch Embroidery Digitizer


Skill Level: EASY!


  • Washaway stabilizer
  • Fabric for jar lid cover
  • Threads
  • Eyelet cutter
  • Elmer’s School Glue Stick

About This Project

Using the built in tools in Hatch Embroidery, it’s entirely possible to create this project with no artwork!

If you’re new to digitizing, you might be feeling a little intimidated by having to find artwork and then figure out what tools to use to create the look you want. This project will introduce you to a number of tools in Hatch Embroidery to create a design completely from scratch!

This project is geared for a larger hoop (at least a 150mm).

Even if you only have a small machine, I encourage you to walk through the steps just to get familiar with the process. You will notice that in the video below, I use a number of shortcut keys to do things. Learning common short keys can speed your design time and make you more efficient.

Common Shortcut Keys to Memorize

B – Enables the Zoom tool so you can drag a box selection of the area your want to zoom
H – Selects Reshape for a selected object
O – Sets the Select Tool
T – Toggles TrueView
0 (zero) – Fit to screen
– (minus) – Zoom out
+ (plus) – Zoom in
Control-A – Select All
Control-D – Duplicates selected object
Control-G – Groups a set of selected objects
Control-S – Save – do this often!
Control-U – Ungroups grouped selection
Right-Click and Drag a selected object to duplicate

Watch the Tutorial Video

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Hope you enjoyed this great project by Lindee Goodall.

Lindee Goodall has been digitizing since 1994 and was the founder of Cactus Punch. Currently she is a solopreneur, creating designs, blog posts, YouTube videos, and other content for avid embroiderers.

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