Back-To-School Laundry Bag Project with FREE Embroidery Designs

Send your college student back to school with a special embroidered laundry bag that is uniquely made for them!

It’s back-to-school time not only for the kids, but for that special college student too. Help them keep their dirty laundry organized by sending them off with a personalized laundry bag.

There are so many cute and fun sayings you can put on the bag, so it can easily become a part of their dorm décor. This super easy project will take you through putting embroidery on your bags, so they are not just a plain old dreary bag but something cool and fun! 
First select your bag. We purchased the one shown here at the dollar store for less than $2. It’s large and holds a lot, and inexpensive, so you can just toss it when it gets too dirty. It is made out of a heavy muslin cloth which makes it very durable for dragging around full of dirty clothes. It’s good to select a bag that has a nice heavy drawstring with a slide lock to help keep the clothes in. 

Be sure to put their name or initials somewhere on the bag. Then on the other side you can select your artwork or a funny saying. Our business customers tell us that the most popular text to go on the bag is “Hi Mom, I’m home!”, so that’s what we’ve selected for our sample bag.

You will find a button to access the project and these two embroidery designs at the end of this article.

For boys you can use something like their name and “Wash Me”! You can also add a couple of pockets on the outside, one for laundry coins and one for holding dryer sheets.  

Supplies Needed

  • Laundry Bag (purchased or make your own)
  • Wash-away or fade-away marking pencil
  • Cut-away stabilizer
  • Embroidery design of choice
  • Painter’s tape, spray adhesive (optional)
  • Hatch Embroidery Software

Software Requirements

The minimum software requirement for this project is Hatch Embroidery Personalizer with the, but if you want to use multi-hooping, you will need Hatch Embroidery Composer too. 

Hatch Embroidery takes all the guess work out of creating lettering! You simply select your font style, input your text, select your stitch type (satin, tatami or any of the fancy stitch types) and your Hatch Embroidery software will select the best underlay for that specific stitch type. It’s that easy!

Skill Level Required

This is a very easy project and a beginner can complete the project if you start with a purchased laundry bag. Sewing skills are required if you want to make the bag yourself.  


Embroidery Machine Hoop to fit design

Let's Embroider!

After you have all your supplies ready including your bag, it’s time to decide what embroidery to add to it. You can choose from a couple of FREE designs we included with this project. You can a link at the end of this article to access the tutorial and the free designs. Or you can digitize your own if you feel adventurous or experienced enough. 

Preparing Your Embroidery Design

In your Hatch software, open the ready-made .EMB design file and adjust it however you wish, or create a design of you own. Set your hoop so that you know the maximum size of design you can work with. Save your .EMB file, then export the design to your machine format.

A Note On Hoops & Split Designs Using Multi-Hooping

Large Hoops

If you have a machine with large hoops, create your embroidery to max out that hoop size. This way you can stitch it all at once.

Small Hoops

If your machine only has a small embroidery sewing field area, you can use the multi-hooping feature in the Hatch Embroidery Software. 

Multi Hooping

Hatch Embroidery Software has a special multi-hooping feature that comes with the Layout Editor Add-on. Simply place your hoops and export your design to your machine format. It will split and save the designs for you. Check out more details on Multi Hooping in the Hatch Documentation.

You Are Now Ready To Embroider Your Laundry Bag!

Access the tutorial with instructions and pictures and the free designs in .EMB and various other machine file formats at the bottom of this article. Simply follow the step-by-step directions and you’ll quickly have a new personalized laundry bag. Once finished, your college bound student is ready to stuff them full of dirty clothes until they come home to see Mom!

Other Ideas

Laundry bags come in many sizes and uses. They are easy to find online, already made in many colors, or you can make your own. They make great inexpensive gifts. And they are not just for college students! Make some for your kids at home to match their room. Hopefully you’ll never have to tell them to pick up their clothes again! 

Making Your Own Laundry Bag

If you want to make you own bag, here is a good pattern we found online on eHow.

Popular Text To Use On Laundry Bags

  • Laundry Service
  • Large Initials
  • 3-Letter Monogram

And for those who like to sort their wash you may have to make more than one laundry bag:

  • Towels
  • Cold / Hot
  • Lights/Darks
  • Dry Clean
  • Delicates

Make these laundry bags monsters and turn putting the dirty washing away into a fun activity for the little ones. You can embroider their names on them to personalize them even more. Click for the instructions and the link to purchase the fabric here Spoonflower

Who said laundry bags have to be rectangular shaped? We love these super cute fish shaped ones from Women’s Weekly. Personalize them with some fun text or monograms.

Share your images with us in how you use laundry bags on our Hatch Facebook page or email them to

Have fun turning your dirty laundry into fun embroidery! 

Kim and the Hatch Embroidery Team

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