FREE Embroidery Design & Other DIY Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Surprise Dad with this BBQ themed embroidered apron!

BBQ Master

Spoil Dad this Father’s Day and gift him something to thank him for being the best! We included a FREE “bbq MASTER” embroidery design digitized with Hatch Embroidery software to create a special apron or T-shirt for that special dad in your family!

You will find a link at the end of this article to access the free design.

We have also put together a list of other great DIY ideas you can use to surprise the dads in your life with some special customized gifts? We’ve listed a few unique gift ideas below and also added some tips to suit your embroidery software wherever applicable. Browse through the basics like cards and artsy pieces or try your hand at something a little more complex like a hand-made wallet! These are guaranteed to make any dad’s day special!

Hand Embroidered Father's Day Cards

dad cards

We’re starting off with something safe, simple and guaranteed to be a hit with all dads: a DIY Father’s Day card. However, if you want these cards to stand out, put a little spin on them and include some machine embroidery!

Whether you’re embroidering straight into the card or onto a fabric base that will later be glued onto the card, you can decide what the final product will look like. Keep it short and sweet with a “Happy Father’s Day” script or let your creative juices flow with a more customized artistic piece!

Learn how to create your own embroidered father’s day card using this simple video tutorial. Alternatively, you can purchase the cards shown in this image above via Etsy.

Criss-Cross Stitching Themed Father’s Day Card

crisscross card

Building on the card-theme, these cross-stitched Father’s Day cards are the perfect mix of adorable and rugged. This leather-look cross-stitched card is another great twist on the everyday cards you find on the shelves. It’s also pretty simple to create! So if you’re strapped for time, why not look into this project? These cards are sure to stand out and wow everyone!

Get the step-by-step tutorial on how to create this leather-look cross-stitched card via Ribbons and Glue.

Father’s Day Embroidered Hoop Art

father's day embroidery

Give Dad something he can hang in the office, kitchen, bedroom (or anywhere really) this Father’s Day!  A play on the original framed artworks, this piece is thoughtful, creative and interesting. Use Hatch Embroidery to create the design of your choice, whether it’s lettering, a monogram or a digitized image. Then place it straight into the frame for a polished original piece that can be displayed 

Beer and Chamomile Flavored Soap

If your Dad is a fan of beer (and most are), this is the perfect gift for him! It’s fun, relatively straight-forward and you can probably be sure that this isn’t something he sees too regularly! Give him a gift that’s both unique and useful! You can guarantee that this gift will be put to good use and will save dad some money on grooming products!  This DIY will probably work best if you’ve had some experience with making cold process soaps before. 

For more information on how to create this special Father’s Day soap plus even more soap related projects, visit Soap Deli News Blog.

Father’s Day Mystery Gift Bag

Fathers Day Gift Bag

Mystery gift bags are always a hit because of the surprise factor! Give your Dad an unexpected gift this Father’s Day with a mystery gift bag and include as many or as few little trinkets as you want! We love combining a bunch of DIY gifts with some of Dad’s favourite snacks, accessories or even a gift-card or two! It would be so cute to make the bag out of fabric and embroider the design straight onto it!

Customize your mystery bag for Dad in whatever way you want! If you’re looking for a starting point, why not check out Marvelous Mommy for some basic ideas?

Customized Luggage Handle Covers

father handle

For Dads who travel a lot, what better way to make the entire process easier than to create a personalized accessory for his luggage? Anyone who’s ever checked in luggage for a flight knows the struggle of trying to find your own bag in a sea of seemingly identical pieces. Save time and effort with this DIY luggage handle cover! Customize it any way you want, the more unique the better! Choose various images, patterns and colors with your Hatch Embroidery software to really ensure your custom luggage handle stands out!

Get the tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets!

Smart Phone and Tablet Organizer

Device Pouch

If your Dad is addicted to his tech devices, help him organise his favorite ones by creating a customized organizer that can fit a tablet, smartphone and a couple of pens! These make a great gift that is in very high demand today and they won’t break the bank! This DIY doesn’t just make a great Father’s Day gift, but is something that can be customized for any occasion! Don’t forget to use your Hatch Embroidery software to add a monogram or put his name on this very useful gift!

It might seem daunting, but Sew4Home has a super precise, step-by-step DIY tutorial for you to help you create this amazing gift!

Photograph Pillow


Another unique take on the traditional framed portraits, this photo pillow is guaranteed to be a hit among the whole family! It’s adorable, useful and super customizable – so long as you have a photograph, you’ll be able to imprint it onto the cushion cover. If you want to take things a step further, you can also use Hatch Embroidery software to give your photos an ‘embroidered’ effect for something a little different! You can use Hatch to add a name on the bottom, or better yet, add the name, age and date on an embroidered label and tack it to the back of the pillow! 

Learn how to create this and many more crafty gifts, on Polka Dot Chair.

Stitched Vinyl and Leather Wallet

diy stitched vinyl wallets

Another very useful gift your Dad will love is this simple DIY wallet! Making a wallet from scratch may seem daunting but the finished product is well worth it! Creating this simple fold-over wallet is deceptively easy! If you’re looking for a challenge you can attempt, create a design in Hatch and embroider it straight onto the leather. That way you’ll be sure to wind up with a wallet that no one else has! 

This is another seemingly daunting DIY but How About Orange will help you every step of the way!

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