The Wonderful World of Motif Fills

Bonus FREE Design by Nicola Elliott

I was so excited to be collaborating with the beautiful Nicola Elliott again! Nicola offered to draw and digitize something special just for us for Mother’s Day and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands!

Firstly it gave me a chance to talk about how you can create really outstanding embroidery very easily using Motif fills in Hatch. With 270 Motif fills (yes, it’s really that many!) you really are spoiled for choice and the possibilities for creating something extraordinary and unique with Hatch Embroidery are endless.

Nicola was playing around with the Motif fills when she was creating this lovely Mother’s Day design. It gives a beautiful ethereal feel to the garments of the women.

I was also glad, because Nicola allowed us to give this gorgeous design away for FREE to our faithful readers and Facebook friends. You can find the download link at the end of this article.

Motif Fills

Sometimes your design suits a light fill that is not as dense as your usual Tatami or Satin fills. Motif fills are perfect for that purpose. They also stitch out very quickly, so if you are looking at creating something quick and yet very impressive, Motif fills are a great option.

As shown in this screenshot, once you created a shape in Hatch Embroidery, from the Edit Objects Toolbox select Object Properties>Fills>Motif. There are four Categories you can choose from and each contain a number of different Patterns. In this example I used Blackwork Flora1 and added the Florentine effect for a more interesting 3D look. Play around with different shapes and fills to find the best one for your project, it is so much fun!

3 Generations Design by Nicola Elliott

Nicola asked me what I would like for the Mother’s Day design and I asked for one that pictures three generations of women, grandmother, daughter and granddaughter. Nicola came back with this gorgeous drawing the next day and I loved it!

When I asked her about the creative process of this stunning design, she explained to me that after sketching the drawing, she manually digitized it using the Digitize Closed Shape tool with Motif fills and the Digitize Open Shape tool with the Single Run stitch.

She was experimenting with different fills and eventually settled with Blackwork NBW19 for the grandmother’s dress, Blackwork NBW10 for the daughter’s dress and Single Motifs Shapes12 for the granddaughter’s dress.

Nicola hid a little surprise somewhere in the design. Download it below and see if you can find it! Let us know in a comment if you did.

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Visit Nicola Elliott’s website or join her Facebook group to see more of her amazing designs!

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