Christmas Presents from the Hatch Family

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If you are stuck for decoration, cards or handy last-minute gifts, these beautiful Christmas machine embroidery designs that our Hatch family members kindly provided, will help you out. There is a great variety of designs and even an ITH project here, you will sure to find the perfect one for you or a loved one.

We also asked these lovely ladies about what Christmas means to them, and they were happy to share their stories.

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Embroidered Christmas Card from Meryl Robinson

“Christmas for me is all about people; family and friends, and friends to be. With Christmas Day often including twenty or more people, the build-up to the holiday season was always busy and tasks were delegated. One of my jobs was Christmas Cards. I’d lick the stamps to put on the hundreds (or so it felt) cards my parents posted, write letters to include that brought people up to date on the year’s highs and lows, hand deliver the cards to neighbours and local friends and most importantly, open any cards that arrived. 

One of my favourite jobs was decorating the house with the hundreds of cards that were received. I’d attach them to strings and hang on the walls, climb chairs and prop them onto the picture rails, fill surfaces high and low with all the pretty cards. Decorating the house was as much about Christmas Cards as presents as each one represented a person we had contact with. They were never thrown out when the holiday season was over. I’d carefully go through the cards one by one, and using my decorative scissors, cut out the pictures of robins, snowmen, Santas, snowflakes and nativity, ready to turn them into gift tags for the following year. 

Sadly, as the cost of postage has increased, and the use of electronic mail has become the norm, the use of cards has declined. So I like to make that special effort with the few cards that I gift and what’s better than to use my favourite medium of embroidery.” 

See more of Meryl’s designs on her websiteFacebook page or join her Facebook group

ITH Seasons Greetings Wine Bag Project from Nicole La Cour

“Christmas has always been a special time of year for me. When I was a child, I loved watching the tree go up and helping to decorate it. I loved that my aunts and cousins would come to visit my mother and I. And of course, the cookies, fudge and numerous sweet treats that popped up during the weeks before Christmas, and unwrapping my gifts on Christmas morning! 

But as an adult who fosters two beautiful little children, Christmas has become a bit more for me. I love being able to provide a supportive loving home for them, and the Holiday Season just elevates them being here with us that much more. I really love the excitement I see in their eyes on Christmas morning as they are opening up their gifts, and I love being able to give them a bit better than they had, especially during this time of year. So Christmas has become a very special time of year for us, to enjoy with friends and family and mostly our children. It symbolizes a time for giving, hope and love. 

During Christmas, I love to give out unique bottles of wine to friends. We all like to share a glass together whenever we get together and I thought it would be fun to make a wine bag that could be just a little more special than what you would buy at the store.”

See more of Nicole’s designs on her website or why not join her Facebook group?

FSL Snowflake from Lindee Goodall

“For most of my adult life, I’ve made ornaments for family and friends at Christmas, and for many years, I hand crocheted snowflakes. Each flake could take a couple of hours working with a tiny crochet hook and thin crochet cotton. A few years ago, I decided to digitize ornaments as free-standing lace. They still take a couple of hours to digitize but after that, they sew up nicely and are great for hanging on a tree, decorating your window, or embellishing a wreath or candle. Plus, you can slip them into a greeting card and mail them off with no extra postage or worrying about breakage. 

I recommend not ganging up too many in one hooping. Perfect registration is vital for maintaining the integrity of the lace. There are a few tricks to stitching lace and if you’ve never sewn it before, I suggest you watch this video on how to machine embroider free-standing lace.”

Oh, and yes, I still hand crochet snowflakes. You can’t run an embroidery machine in a car or on a plane, and sometimes I just need quiet time away from a computer or an embroidery machine!” 

See more of Lindee’s designs on her website or watch great tutorial videos on her YouTube channel.

Christmas Tree Bookmark from Norhilda Alvarez

“When I was a child in my home country, Dominican Republic, Christmas was the best time of the year. My sisters and I were waiting anxiously to share those special moments with our family. Everybody was in a good mood, cooking delicious meals and wrapping all the presents for the kids. My father used to buy lots of fireworks, so we could enjoy the explosions with bright colors. I really miss those days. Now that I live in the United States I see Christmas a little differently. You can definitely tell Christmas is almost here, because of the cold weather and the snow. It’s a different culture that I’m glad to enjoy as well. I’m a mom now, and I get excited to see my kids waiting for Christmas too. My wish is to spend at least one Christmas with my whole family in my country.”

See more of Norhilda’s designs in her Etsy Shop and Facebook page or why not join her Facebook group.

Christmas Fairy by Nicola Elliott

“When I was young my twin sister, Erica and I would wake up and shout: “He has been!!!”. We would go running downstairs to the room full of our presents. One side was mine and the other was my sister’s, but because we were twins and had the same presents, we used to open the same present at the same time together. Then every year we would watch the Wizard of Oz together. 

Growing up and having my own daughters brings all the memory back. We always have a real tree, and the smell of Christmas always comes from that tree. We always still watch Oz!! But more than anything, we give thanks for what we have.”

For more of Nicola’s designs visit her website or join her Facebook group.


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