How to Sequence Your Designs with Hatch Embroidery

Various ways of sequencing plus FREE Pineapple Design

In the Northern Hemisphere it is the height of summer, while in the Southern Hemisphere people are dreaming of tropical holidays, trying to stick winter out by eating imported fruit.:)

I absolutely love pineapples, not just the fruit itself, but the shape and the colors too. I had lots of fun digitizing this juicy pineapple using another one of Catherine Noel’s drawings.

There are 93 objects in this design and making sure that they stitch out in the right order was essential.

Optimize Color Changes

Once I finished digitizing all the objects, I first grouped them by color using the Optimize Color Changes Tool in the Customize Design toolbox.

Move Up/Down 1 Color (Color Block)

In the Sequence docker I organized the color blocks in the order they were going to be stitched out. You can do this by either using the Move Up/Down 1 Color arrows, or simply by clicking on a color block and dragging it up and down.

Sequence by Color

If you have a lot of colors, you can use the Sequence by Color function and rearrange the order of the color blocks in a pop-up spreadsheet.

Note: Be aware that if you have objects in the same color that will stitch out at different stages, you will need to move them in the right position, so you will have more than one group of the same color!

There are multiple methods for sequencing objects and color blocks in Hatch Embroidery.  

Move to Top/Bottom

The large yellow object that is the body of the pineapple had to stitch out first, so I used the the ‘Move to Top’ button to place it in the first position.

Move Up/Down 1 Color

You can move one object or multiple objects at the same time with the Move Up or Down 1 Color tool. To select multiple objects, hold down the Ctrl or Alt keys on your keyboard.

Sequence by Selection

When you have a lot of objects, the Sequence by Selection tool becomes very handy. Select the first object, then holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, select all the other objects in the order you want them to be sequenced. Click the Sequence by Selection button.

For more detailed information on how to use the sequencing tools, visit the Hatch Embroidery User Guide.

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