Using Lettering for Quotes and Sayings with Hatch Embroidery, Plus Bonus FREE Designs

How to create interesting typography embroidery designs

Embroidering inspirational or funny quotes and quirky sayings on cushion covers, tea towels or tote bags are a fun way to start off your machine embroidery journey. Hatch Embroidery Digitizer comes with 101 professionally digitized fonts and Hatch Embroidery Composer and Hatch Embroidery Personalizer both have 63 fonts included. These fonts stitch out beautifully.

You can also use the TrueType fonts that are saved on your computer and Hatch Embroidery will auto digitize them for you. Please note that these fonts will not necessarily be as great as the professionally digitized fonts that were created by a digitizer.

If you want even more professionally digitized fonts on top of the ones that are already included in your software, you can purchase our great Font Packs, including the one with 3D puffy fonts.

Mix up Different Types of Fonts

Serif vs Sans Serif, Regular vs Italic and Light vs Bold to create a nice variety and make it more interesting. However, don’t get too carried away, pick a few fonts only and work with those, otherwise your design will end up looking too busy.

Big vs Small

For the main words use big bold fonts, while supporting words should be smaller in size. There are recommended minimum and maximum sizes for each font that is included with your Hatch Embroidery software, and we don’t recommend going smaller or larger than that, because it can effect the quality of the stitch out.

See the recommended minimum and maximum sizes for all the fonts that are included in Hatch Embroidery Digitizer in the online Hatch Embroidery User Guide.


Pick various colors for the fonts that work well together to create a visually pleasing design.

If you want even more fonts, like the ones we used for these lovely sample designs, you can purchase our great Font Packs.

The two sample embroidery designs above are available for download. 

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Once you registered an account, you will have unlimited access to ALL the free designs that are currently on the Hatch Embroidery website and future ones two. You will also automatically receive our newsletter about free projects and designs. You will NOT be requested to download the software. Having an account does not come with any obligations to you at all.

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