Elastic Embossed Fills & Color Variations on a Theme

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Elastic Embossed Fills

Hatch Embroidery Digitizer comes with 105 different Embossed fills and they can be used to create Elastic Embossed Fills. It is a beautiful decorative effect where the pattern follows the stitch angle and it adjusts to the width of the embroidery object.

How to Add Embossed Fills to Your Objects?

Create a closed shape object with Satin Fill. Open the Object properties box:
Edit Objects > Object Properties or by double clicking the object.

Click the Effects tab and tick the Elastic Embossed fill box. You can select from the 105 different fills.

You can adjust the dimensions of the pattern and select from 4 different options.

Creating Variations of a Color Scheme

Once you allocated colors to your design, you can use the Cycle Used Colors tool to cycle the colors to create variations, and see which one you like best. It is also great if you want to stitch your design on a different color fabic.

Customize Designs > Cycle Used Colors

You can see the different color variations by clicking the tool.

Access all five variations of this beautiful FREE Turtle design by clicking the button below.

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