What’s New in Hatch Embroidery 3

We are so thrilled to bring you Hatch Embroidery version 3, loaded with new exciting features and tools! We have also made some excellent improvements. You will love creating amazing embroidery with the brand new and shiny Hatch Embroidery 3!

Laydown Stitch

Create beautiful embroidered gifts with towels, fuzzy blankets or faux fur. Laydown stitch holds down the fibers of high pile fabric and allows your embroidery design to stand out better.
It is a light grid style fill that is automatically placed to be stitched out first.

Match the color of the thread to your fabric unless wanting to achive decorative look. Set the same size as your design so it doesn’t show, slightly larger or much larger for a decorative style. Add a satin border for extra decoration.

Tulle or water soluble topping can be used under the laydown stitch to help hold down fibers better while stitching on extra fluffy or fuzzy fabric. No need to use underlay.

Reef PhotoStitch

Reef PhotoStitch is a new creative auto-digitizing method that converts photographs, images and clipart into a single-color artistic embroidery design. It is a light fill that resembles the look of coral reef and stitches out fast with minimum trims and jumps.

Use Reef PhotoStitch to create a quick one-color artistic rending of your artwork such as photographs, images or clipart that has a low stitch count. It is perfect when you want an open space, light stitching but also want to retain some of the details of your artwork.

Keyboard Design Collection

Assign you embroidery design letters to keyboard letters for easy typing of your text with the fantastic Keyboard Design Collections tool. It is super easy. Once your designs are assigned as keyboard lettering, you can select one of the many baselines: freeline, circle, vertical or any shape.

You can also digitize your own designs and assign them to keyboard letters for quick and easy use.

Use this fantastic tool when you have a lot of individual letters as embroidery designs and you want to simply type in the letter on your keyboard to create your own text.

Center All Tool

One click is all it takes with the practical Center All tool to find your “lost” designs and bring them back to center of the design window and the hoop. It will place the design in the center of the hoop, but will if there are multiple elements to the design, it will keep them the same distance from each other as before.

Use the practical Center All tool to bring your design to the center of the hoop and/or the design window.

Enhanced Color PhotoStitch

Translate your color photos into embroidery. Take your precious photos and with a few easy clicks turn them into multi- color blends creating the perfect wall art or special memory with the amazing Color PhotoStitch tool. It creates photo-realistic embroidery picture of up to 400mm x 400mm using random stitches. The settings allow you to make adjustments before you finish you design.

Start with a photo that has high contrast of colors. Open the Color PhotoStitch tool. Adjust your stitch setting. Click ok to create stitches. Export your design to your machine file format and stitch out. It is really that easy!

Hand Stitch

Hand stitch is a lovely effect that provides an organic hand stitch look. It can be applied to different types of objects. Using random stitch lengths, angles and count it creates a one of a kind style.

Combine hand stitch with the feather effect and color blending for even more fun and added depth to your embroidery designs.

Cross Stitch Gem

This Cross Stitch add-on really is a Gem! There are 11 different types of cross stitch to choose from, each giving you that traditional, homemade feel. Edit your designs and lettering manually or with the auto-digitize function as you create gifts, decorative wall art and more!

CorelDRAW Gem

Link the CorelDraw Standard Gem directly to Hatch Embroidery Composer or Digitizer and easily edit or create beautiful graphics (Vector, SVG, Bitmap and many more) for best Auto-digitizing results.

CorelDraw includes an additional 175 TrueType fonts that can be converted to embroidery instantly providing countless font choices for your projects.

Multi-Position Hoop Support

Hoop larger areas of fabric with the Multi-position Hoops tool to combine several designs or split large designs to be sewn in the different sewing fields without re-hooping the fabric. The hoop will generally consist of 2 or 3 overlapping sewing fields within the one frame.

If you have Hatch Embroidery Digitizer or Hatch Embroidery Composer, you will have the capability to split large designs to work with multi-position hoops. If you have the lower levels of the software, Hatch Embroidery Personalizer or Hatch Embroidery Organizer, then each embroidery object must fit entirely into one of the sewing fields.

You can also create custom multi-position hoops in the software.

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