Animal Themed Embroidery Inspirations

Unique, Quirky, Cute

You have got to love animals. We admire them in the wild, and as pets they brighten our days with their loyalty and funny antics. No wonder animals are a very popular subject of embroidery. In this post we collected a bunch of animal themed embroidery that are a bit different, edgy and some even arty.

In some cases the embroiderer combined multiple techniques and the results are just amazing. You will find a range of examples from free motion embroidery to appliqué, as well as lettering and using unusual shapes and backgrounds.

Sassy Cat

“What are you looking at hooman?” Although the real cat does not seem impressed at all, we absolutely love this cat series with plenty of attitude from JBLON/Igor Denisov. You can download them here: Smoking Cat, Reading Cat, Sassy Mouse and Cat

Up-close and personal with the embroidered pillow. It is just one of the many ways you can use these designs. Remember, they are free, yay!

Lovely Chooks

Being a massive chook lover myself (I have 5 lovelies), I simply could not pass these gorgeous ladies by Katie Essam, a mixed media textile artist. She combines appliqué with free motion embroidery and deserves an absolute ten out of ten for presentation.

* chook is a commonly used word for chicken/hen in Australia

Fish Name

Who would have thought that you can write a name in the shape of a fish? Well, Ted Baker did. Why not try this with your kid’s name? All it takes is some machine embroidery and appliqué. You can easily create something similar with Hatch Embroidery software.   

Mythical Birds

The intricate details on these works by Nancy Nicholson are simply stunning. Using different stitch types on multiple layers of fabric and the choice of vibrant colors make these pieces true works of art.

Swirly Cat Face

I found this super adorable cat face designs by Tonya and it was love at first swirly sight! The good news is, for a very small investment you can get 10 of these little darlings at various angles here. Perfect embroidery gift for a cat lover friend.

Rabbit Jacket

Pull the rabbit out of the … jacket! If you want to decorate your denim with something truly unusual, you can always embroider a rather large rabbit head on the back of it, just like Mrs Bertimus did.

"Patchwork" Dog & Rooster

Take a relatively simple embroidery design and add some wow factor to it by cutting it into sections and changing the stitch types and colors up. We dedicated a whole blog post on how to turn an embroidery design from simple to exciting using special features and pattern fills in the Hatch Embroidery software. Dog pattern here.

This rooster was digitized in Hatch Embroidery software and we used different pattern fills to make it more striking. I think it is safe to say, mission accomplished!


Especially when it brings cupcakes like this one by Lou Gardiner! There is so much awesomeness going on in this design that it is hard to decide where to start. Free motion embroidery mixed with fabric art and hand painting result in something very spectacular. I particularly love the use of negative space on the wing!

Floral Moose

There is nothing wrong with going to the tried and trusted sources of great embroidery patters like Embroidery Library. I love how this pattern combines flora and fauna together. When you are looking for something quick and easy to embroider, it is the best way to go. You can always add your own personal touch by changing the colors or stitch patterns to create something really unique.

Magical Seahorse

Sometimes you just cannot beat the urge to embroider a seahorse, right? Well, that is exactly how Michelle Mischkulnig felt when she created this spectacular design. She advises: “You must always be thinking about what materials can be used, how they can be used, the possibilities and don’t be afraid to try, don’t overthink, let spontaneity override your fears.” 

And the final result is breathtakingly beautiful!

Black Cat

But is it really a black cat? Sometimes it is your choice of fabric and the color that gives that special edge to your embroidery. Just like this cat face that is so simple, yet so interesting at the same time.

Animals of the Forest

If you are looking for something cute and stylish at the same time, Urban Threads is your go to website. They have plenty of animal themed embroidery designs like this folksy one that I could not resist. Embroider it on something unusual, like denim or a bag and you will be right on trend!

Floral Hedgehog

And the cuteness continues with this hedgehog embroidered with beautiful feminine colors. It would look really lovely on a little girl’s shirt or on a cushion. Image: Print&Pattern

Long Tailed Tit

The British wildlife is an endless source of inspiration when it comes to embroidery. This beautiful piece by textile artist Jo Hill combines appliqué with free motion embroidery and multi-layered fabric that work really well together.

Folk Bird

his lovely folksy bird design along with many other beautiful ones comes free with Hatch Embroidery software. Download the FREE 30 Day Trial now and start embroidering!

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Happy Embroidering!

Bernadett & the Hatch Team