Exporting Your Designs to SVG Files

Creating cutting files has never been this easy

Do you love appliqué? The new ‘Export Cutting’ tool lets you export appliqué and/or embroidery shapes to SVG file format. The tool also works with fonts. You can export entire lettering objects as cutting lines or break them apart to export individual letters.

What Does the Cutting Includes?

Appliqué shapes: the fabric that fills the appliqué.

Hatch Embroidery allows you to export entire files or selected objects only. Exported SVG files can be used directly in some cutters or converted to a format such as FCM.

Open the design to export. Select the object or objects you want to export.

Click Output Design > Export Cutting or select the command from the File menu.

Adjusting Settings


Choose whether to export the entire design or selected object/s only.



Choose whether to export appliqué cutting lines only and/or cutting lines for other embroidery shapes.


File Locations

Export files will be saved by default into a folder called ‘My Cutting Files’ under the ‘Pictures’ folder in the Design Library. This folder will be created when exporting if it does not already exist. Alternatively, you can set up separate export locations for each element as shown:

Design Name

This defaults to the current design name. It can be changed prior to exporting cutting files. Separate files are exported for each element. The element name is appended to the design file name – e.g.

Dog Applique_applique.SVG
Dog Applique_embroidery.SVG

Open the files in a suitable SVG editor. Brother cutters use their own format FCM. This format can be created via their online free conversion software. Other cutters now read PES files. Several cutters allow online editing. If you have chosen to export the entire design, you may need to separate objects in the editor for individual cutting.

Appliqué cutting lines can also be printed onto design reports.

Watch Lindee Goodall’s overview of the Export Cutting tool

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