Take Your Monogramming to the Next Level!

Watch videos on the basics of lettering and adding borders to your monograms

Learning about Lettering

First thing’s first. In order to create stunning monograms with Hatch Embroidery, it is important to learn how to use lettering with the software.

Lettering with Hatch Embroidery is simple but powerful! You can use a wide array of functions, tools and applications. We created a series of introductory videos on lettering to make it really easy for you to quickly learn the basics. Watch the video below to gain insight into some important tabs in the lettering properties toolbox.

Get More out of Hatch Monogramming

Monogramming is an important and very handy tool that can instantly add more personalization to your designs! We have previously written about monogramming and placement, so today we are bringing you a handy new guide on yet another aspect of monogramming you may not be familiar with. Learn more about how to add decorative borders to your monograms and remember to stop by the Hatch Embroidery YouTube channel for other quick and simple video guides on monogramming.

Monogramming Borders

You can create a bold statement by adding a decorative border to your monograms. The video below takes you through the basics on borders as well as some of the options you have when creating monograms with Hatch Embroidery. You will learn how to optimize every single part of your creations, so you will get perfect monogram designs in no time! Explore the endless possibilities and let your creativity flow! You can watch more videos on monogramming on the Hatch YouTube channel.

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Happy Embroidery!

Jenny and the Hatch Team

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