Team Spirit Ribbon Project with FREE Instructions & Embroidery Design

Show your team your support with personalized ribbons by Kristie J. Smith

Nothing says team spirit like customized team clothing and accessories. Cheerleaders, students and fans of all ages love supporting their team with team-related gear and these hair bows add detail to accessorize any team attire. Enjoy this easy lesson in embroidering ribbons by the wonderful Kristie J. Smith. The result is sure to impress and cheer on your team.

You will find a button at the end of this article to access your FREE Instructions and embroidery design.

Supplies Needed

  • Ribbon of choice, 1.5” wide x 32”-36” length per bow depending on desired length of tails (Sample was done using 32” of 1.5” wide grosgrain-type ribbon) 
  • Hatch Embroidery Software
  • Embroidery Thread – of color choice
  • Embroidery machine needle
  • Embroidery Design: Spirit Bow Template_Hatch Embrodiery.EMB
  • Water soluble pressure sensitive stabilizer (our sample used Aquamesh Plus wash-away stabilizer)
  • Embroidery Machine Hoop to fit design
  • Barrettes or other hardware for hair bows (optional)

Software Requirements

The minimum software requirement for this project is Hatch Embroidery Basics with the Monogrammer Add-on, but if you want to create multiple sizes, you will also need the Layout Editor Add-onHatch Embroidery Digitizer level is required if you wish to create your own bow templates.

Skill Level Required

This is a very easy project and a beginner can complete the project. 

Features & Techniques Used

Renaming new design files, setting up your machine, hooping, grid lines, single line digitizing, cloning, lettering and vertical baselines.

How to Choose Your Ribbon

Weight and How the Ribbon Will Be Used

Our project uses a medium weight ribbon to provide a drape for the tails of the bow. A lightweight ribbon may provide an airier bow. You may need to adjust the stitch density and/or add additional stabilizer to accommodate the weight of the ribbon.

Density of the Ribbon

In choosing a ribbon, you need to make sure your embroidery needle can penetrate through it with ease to ensure good stitch quality. There are also special needles that can be used on particular types of ribbons. 

Textile Make-up of the Ribbon

It is important to know what kind of fabric/textiles make up the ribbon. Can the ribbon be washed, dampened, ironed, or does it need special care? Stabilizer, needle and thread may need to be adjusted for the ribbon make-up.

Test It First

Consider purchasing an extra piece of ribbon and doing some test stitching to determine the stitch density, amount of stabilizer and any other adjustments that needed to be made to produce professional results.

Let's Embroider!

After you have all your supplies ready including your ribbon, you will need to download the instructions and FREE embroidery design we included with this project. You can also digitize your own embroidery design if you feel adventurous or experienced enough. 

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