Hatch Embroidery Lettering is the Best and We can Prove it!

Technical insight and competitor comparison

Like with everything in life, no two software are the same, and your machine embroidery results can vary greatly depending on which one you use.

Hatch Embroidery lettering is based on the great qualities and continuous technical development that Wilcom International has been bringing to the industry for nearly 40 years.

So what is it that makes Hatch Embroidery (Wilcom) fonts so great?

They are professionally digitized, which means that the elements of the letters are carefully segmented for best results.

Hatch Embroidery automatically adjusts the stitch density to suit the width of the object, which results in even distribution of stitches. Advanced and sophisticated algorithms in the software also compensate for the varying curves in the shapes and the stitch angles for beautifully smooth curves and even embroidery.

It is like having a built-in embroidery expert in your software who does it all for you!

What is amazing that this method actually results in fewer stitches than basic stitch calculation methods that are typically used by most competitors.

To really demonstrate the vast difference you can end up with when it comes to stitch quality, we did a test of Hatch Embroidery lettering against a competitor software. We looked for the closest matching font types we could find in the two software for best comparison.

Competitor software

Hatch Embroidery

You can see that the stitches are much more evenly distributed on the straight shapes, the curves are smoother and the stitch angles are perfect with Hatch Embroidery.

Hatch Embroidery
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