How to preview your embroidery placement in Hatch Embroidery

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There is an often overlooked, but very useful visualizer feature in Hatch Embroidery. To find it, you need to open up the “Customize Design” toolbox and then click the “Background and Display Colors” tool. When the dialog box opens, you can see that there are a number of things you can change in your work area. 

The ‘Factory article’ feature lets you choose and place an item in the background behind your embroidery design so you can see what your finished product will look like. 

Once you selected the item you wish to display, just move your machine embroidery design to where it will be embroidered and resize it to fit your item. Now you have a visual of your design.

You can zoom in on your item and see it up close.

For certain shirts and t-shirts you can choose up to three colors.

You can use the ‘Custom article function’ to insert an image of the actual garment you will embroider on. You will need to take a photo, save it on your computer, then locate it in the dialog box.

Important, before embroidering, make sure that you move your design back into your hoop!

So, as you can see, it is really simple to see just how your embroidery will turn out on your item with Hatch Embroidery. This can save you hours of time.

Click the button below to access the FREE Father’s Day design we used in this article. Please note, the lettering ‘SUPER DAD’ was created using our new 3D puffy foam font. When stitching out the design, stop your machine after the last star and float a piece of 2-3 mm thick foam.

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Happy Embroidery!

Bernadett & the Hatch Team

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