Laura Bruynseels’ LOVE-able Valentine’s Designs

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Once you try Hatch Embroidery, there is a very good chance you will fall in LOVE with it. A good example is our LOVEly graphic designer, Laura, who is usually busy creating the beautiful artwork you see in our emails, blog articles and on social media. In between doing her design work, Laura has been experimenting with Hatch Embroidery Digitizer. She really enjoyed using the professionally digitized fonts that come included with the software and she created a few Valentine’s themed designs that you can access by clicking the button at the end of this article. 

I had a chat to Laura to find out more about her experience with the Hatch Embroidery software.

How long have you been using Hatch Embroidery for?

As one of my New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to start learning the ropes of the software and how to set up and operate the embroidery machine. So really only a few days in between my design work. I wanted to challenge myself and learn more about what the users of the software experience, so I could be better at my job and have some fun along the way – it really is quite addictive.

As a graphic designer, did you find it easy to navigate Hatch Embroidery on a MAC?

At first I thought this is a little bit strange as I’m used to my shortcuts, and it’s different to the design software I use every day. But actually, I was up to speed in a few hours and found myself intuitively finding my way around quite easily.

What inspired you when you created your Valentine’s Day designs?

I got inspired by seeing how well our readers received the embroidery designs when they are incorporated into my graphics work I create for social media, the website and emails. When I first started this job, a lot of the designs I came up with were graphics and photography heavy, but now I’m very conscious of adding as much imagery of embroidery as possible. I was also inspired by Bernadett and the beautiful creations she was providing for me to work with and photograph!

I also really love typography and creating nice designs using different fonts. So I really enjoyed coming up with Valentine’s themed sayings and creating embroidery designs using the amazing fonts in Hatch. This was my first embroidery project that I did all on my own, and I took it all the way from artwork to stitch out and photography. I loved it!

Fonts used:

  • Border Block 2
  • Helvetica Small
  • Ballantine’s Script

What made you choose the fonts you used for your designs?

I love the organic, fluid style of script handwritten fonts. I love balancing these with san serif fonts as they become more eye-catching typography designs. I used a whole range of the fantastic Hatch fonts available from Ballantine’s Script to some of the more blocky fonts such as Border Block 2 and Helvetica Small.

What are you plans with Hatch Embroidery?

I would like to get more confident with the tools available. I used lettering and motifs in these designs and I would love to delve deeper and get even more creative with something more intricate. I would also love to do a few more free designs, maybe even draw my own and do the full circle again, drawing, digitizing and stitch out.

Fonts used:

  • Script 2
  • Block 2

A side note from the boss: Laura is really an absolute pleasure to work with and it’s so exciting watching her grow more and more into this crucial design role. She has embraced machine embroidery and her passion shines through for all to see. We are looking forward to what she comes up with next.

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