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10 Best Ways to Use Scraps and Embroider Sustainably without Leaving Your House!

Great project ideas to use up your scrap materials

You don’t have to leave the house and buy a bunch of new materials each time you want to start a new project! By reusing your scraps, you can save money, time and very importantly a trip outside.

We collected the 10 best ideas on how to use up your leftover fabrics. These innovative ways are great to create a base for your next embroidery project as they can all be machine embroidered. Although some basic sewing skills are required to complete these projects, they come with easy-to-follow instructions and are fairly simple to make.

While machines and design software have certainly made embroidery much easier and accessible to more people, the problem of accumulating scraps from our creative projects still remains. Whether embroidery is your hobby or you run a thriving craft business, here are some tips on how you can use scraps and embroider more sustainably without leaving your house!

Decorated Tea Towels

Sometimes, a piece of scrap fabric isn’t big enough to complete an entire project. In this situation, you can cut strips and use them as straps or decoration and embellishment on other projects. In this example by Sew4Home, they added a strip of beautiful fabric along the edge of tea towels. You can easily add an extra dimension to it with machine embroidery!

Book Cover

An embroidered book cover is a great project for using up small scraps of fabric. Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial by Needle ‘n Thread that will show you how to make one. A blank journal with a beautiful embroidered facade and the recipient’s name on the front would be an entirely unique gift idea. Spice it up with other designs using machine embroidery to make it even more impressive.

In-The-Hoop Zipper Pouch

A zipper pouch is another little project that can make use of your small fabric scraps. They are cute, easy to make, and handy for storing little items around the house. Using embroidery software, you can create a cool monogram design or an image of your choice to be added to your creation. Check out these lovely In-The-Hoop ones by Through My Front Porch!


The perfect gift and it’s really easy to make. According to How Joyful blog, apart from the drying time, it takes less than 15 minutes! They can be made of any left over fabric you used for a previous project so you could even have matching items in your house. If you are making it for someone special, you can embroider their monogram in one of the corners.

Fabric Coasters

Cute fabric scraps make even cuter coasters! You can really go crazy with small pieces of material and ribbons when making these ones by Green Horned Unicorn. They will sure to cheer up any table. A set of 6 will make a great and unique present too. Turn the creativity up a notch by embroidering the names of drinks or types of wine on them!

Earphones Pouch

Do you always end up with tangled cords when you pull your earphones out of your pocket? No more frustrating untangling with this handy little pouch by Dog Under My Desk that also acts as a key ring, so it really is a double whammy! Why not personalize it with embroidery by adding a monogram or decorate it with a cute design to make it even more interesting.

Caravan Pincushion

We absolutely fell in love with this adorable vintage caravan pincushion by Crafts Beautiful! Every embroiderer needs at least one of these, so make one for yourself and a friend! Use colorful floral fabrics for a hippy effect and jazz them up with witty embroidery related sayings for even more fun.

Sunglasses Case

Keep your glasses or sunglasses scratch free with a lovely case like these ones by Sewfantastic. Get your quilting on and you can knock one out in no time! Be sure to add embroidery to pretty it up even more or a monogram if you are making it for someone else. Either way, you’ll end up with something truly unique.

Embroidered Buttons

If you are feeling adventurous and want to make a statement by adding a bold button to a garment or a hand made bag, you will simply love this project by Crafstylish! Although it features hand embroidery, why not give machine embroidery a go instead? There are plenty of great little machine embroidery designs that will look absolutely adorable on a button.

Whimsical Key Chains

There are so many great ideas of making key fobs, but using scraps is probably one of our favorite ones! Like these ones by Craftiness is not Optional. You can decorate them by embellishing them with button flowers, appliqué monograms, or whatever takes your fancy. Make a few while you are at it, there is always a family member or friend who needs one. They can also be used as gift toppers. 

These are just a few of the ways you can use all of those extra scraps from your previous embroidery projects so you can practice your craft sustainably. There’s no need to let those extra inches of fabric or threads, buttons, or any other bits and pieces go to waste when you could use them in so many creative ways.

Whether you decide to use your scraps to add more detail to an existing project or save them for your next venture, don’t forget to store your favorite textures, materials, and threads in a box or bag. Not only will you minimize trash, you will also find that right when it’s time to start a fresh design you have a whole load of your favorite pieces right at your fingertips to inspire you.

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