Color Blending is Really Easy with Hatch Embroidery!

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail FREE Design & Downloadable Tutorial

What is nicer on a hot summer day than a refreshing and colorful cocktail? 

I digitized this Tequila Sunrise design to demonstrate how easy it is to create something really striking using the ‘Create Color Blend’ tool in Hatch Embroidery Digitizer. It is also heaps of fun!

Further down you will find a link to download the printable detailed tutorial. In the tutorial I will take you through how I created the glass part of this colorful cocktail. Follow the step-by-step instructions, and you will be creating your own color blended machine embroidery designs in no time.

As always, I started out with artwork, then as I progressed I added my own personal touch. Playing around with the software, I tweaked some of the settings to achieve a result that thrilled me. It is great how you can adjust stitch length, density and apply effects to the design to suit your own taste.

I did stitch out this design a few times and experimented until I was completely satisfied with the results.

A bit of a taste of what you will find in the tutorial

Applying the Florentine Effect for Curves

I wanted to add more dimension to the the design and have the stitches follow the curves of the glass.

Creating Color Blend

With the ‘Create Color Blend’ tool, you can pick any two colors and tell the software how you want them to be blended by assigning “Profiles” to them. You can adjust the minimum and maximum stitch spacing too.

If you do not get it right at first, you can also adjust these with the Object Properties tool under the Effects tab

Watch the video below to see how this design was stitched out. Excuse the fumbling around with the re-threading, it was really hot in our sewing room and I must have had some performance anxiety as it usually does not take this long. 🙂

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