Fun DiY Projects for you to Try with your Hatch Embroidery Software!

We love a little DiY...

There's More to Embroidery Hoops than you Think!ding Text Here

Hand-embroidery hoops are a great item to have around when it comes to DiY projects. They’re versatile and cost effective, not to mention they look adorable on display! These projects see the hoops being put to use in the living room, kitchen, nursery and even the bathroom! We love using them as frames, they’re a really unique, quirky way to showcase our finished digitized designs. Digitize your own designs or use pre-purchased ones- either way these eye-catching decorations will be the star of every room!

Coffee Filters are an Unsung Hero in your Embroidery Projects!

Did you know that coffee filters are majorly versatile? Check out 36 ultra unique ways to use coffee filters for something other than coffee. A question we get often is, “can you use coffee filters as stabilizer for your embroidery?” While some do, we caution that they are not recommended for the most part. It’s very important to know what types of fibres are in stabilizer being used to ensure no damage to your machine. However, if you use a good stabilizer behind them, they would make cute “fabric” for embroidery. Especially if you hoop it in one of the wooden hand embroidery hoops we found above!

Mini Mason Jars are an Embroidery DiYer's Dream Come True!

Mason jars are really having their moment right now so why not take advantage of their abundance and perform a little DiY with them? They are super versatile and can be used in just about any situation. If you attempt any of the crafts from above, why not add a finishing touch with a bit of embroidery? These mason jars would look fantastic sitting on top of an embroidered coaster, with an embroidered jar lid cover or even wrapped with a custom embroidered cosy!

Inject New Life into Your Wardrobe with DiY Embroidery!

Chances are you’ve probably attempted this classic DiY project at some point in your life, with varying levels of success. Clothing DiY projects, no matter how they turn out in the end, are pretty much always fun and exciting, and what’s more fun and exciting than a bold, statement piece? Make your clothing DiY projects stand out by going the extra step and embroidering your favourite designs straight onto the item. Embroider your own designs, or pre-purchased designs onto an old t-shirt or plain pair of pants to create a fabulous and unique piece of clothing!