Isolation Inspiration Part 2

Continuing with the same theme as our last blog, we are featuring two more exceptional machine embroidery artists whose designs have brought much joy to people all around the world. 

Read about how they are tackling these challenging times and access the beautiful free designs they offered to our readers. You will find a button at the end of the article to access the designs.

Nicole La Cour

Since we have been in lock down. I have started gardening. We have a big back yard, and I always wanted to do something with it, The thought of living sustainably has always appealed to me. So we built a chicken coup, filled it with three little chicks, built some grow beds, filled it with yummy veggies and have planted some fruit trees. It is therapeutic to go out there and focus on what is growing and where I can add more. I love the thought of being able to feed my family with good quality food, while also sharing it with friends and family, and if I have too much, then I will donate to local food banks. 

Also, there is a local charity that helps women and children who have been victims of domestic violence and are homeless that I have been donating to. The need is great for this organization right now and I am friends with the president of the organization, he has always been very generous with me when we fostered our littles, giving us toys for them for birthdays and Christmas, and so it feels amazing to be able to give back and help out his organization.

Visit Nicole’s website or Facebook page for more of her beautiful designs.

Nicola Elliott

Hope I find you all well and safe. We’re settling into quarantine life here in the UK. Like so many families, we are trying to figure out how to home school while navigating work/life.

I have been overwhelmed by my customers all over the world helping with masks, scrubs and being so selfless.
Drawing has always been my go to, so the last few months I have been dedicated to our world’s heroes with my designs.
I have a whole collection on my website.

To date Picturestitch has been able to help with finance to many around the world with funds in excess of $1,000.
I started Picturestitch five years ago this month, and feel very humbled and honoured to be part of the embroidery world.

Visit Nicola’s website or join her Facebook group for more of her unique designs.

You can access the free designs by clicking the button below. You will be taken to the Free Design page. You will be asked to sign in or register a free account.

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